Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Fundamentals Of A Solar Gate Opener

Solar gate openers can be used alone or as a backup to electric systems. Here are some things to know when considering adding a device to your gate.

The power of the sun has been harnessed for use in a variety of daily applications, replacing expensive and complicated electrical systems in an environmentally friendly way. In some cases, however, solar power can work as a backup system for electronics in case of a power outage. Solar panels are a cost-effective solution for use as battery chargers, swimming pool heaters and landscape lighting, to name just a few of the dozens of options.

Another vital task well-suited to solar power is opening gates at residential or commercial buildings. Regardless whether the gates are in place for security or aesthetic reasons, they require the convenience of access without leaving one's vehicle. Gates may be swinging or sliding and may use solar power exclusively or as a backup. This also will depend on a gate site's proximity to an electrical source.

Swing gates tend to be less heavy than sliding gates and so are better suited to having solar power as their sole source. Sliding gates use a chain for movement, requiring a greater power draw. Solar openers can be used on both single- and dual-arm gates.

The panel included in a solar opener kit contains the cells that gather the sun's rays and converts them to power. Many people might worry the panel will be large and unsightly, but that is not usually the case. The panels are small and can be tucked nearly out of sight so they don't interfere with the decorative look of the gate. Still, they must be installed in a position that allows them to take maximum benefit of the sunshine.


Traditional electric gate openers have safety features that prevent people or animals from being injured while the gate is opening or closing. Solar-powered machines offer the same features, usually using a photo beam coupled with magnetic underground loops. All systems are activated by some sort of remote device, similar to a garage door opener, which remains inside the vehicle.

Solar gate openers can be ideal for gates in remote locations, such as on the edges of large swaths of fenced property. Ranches often include multiple access points, and they rarely are in a place where an electrical source is nearby. This makes them perfectly suited to solar power use, although if a person is on horseback, he or she will have to remember to tuck their remote into their saddlebag.

Gate openers are a highly desirable selling feature to a residence. Homes with gates and openers will be viewed as being of a quality that requires extra security, and the appeal of a "green" opener will boost this feature's importance even further.

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